Friday, March 28, 2008

Writing You Own Obituary, Arrogance or Genius?

You always see those awkward scenes in TV and movies. Someone dies and the friends and family are left in a pickle, tormented with grief, and somehow have to think of something brilliant to say at the funeral.
Would this not be best solved by the genius writer who died to keep a running tally of an obituary they have written themselves? To Be Read In Case Of My Untimely Death?
It could be a hyper-drive trip down memory lane, complete with jokes and sexual innuendo. Wouldn't think take a lot of pressure off everyone to say something profound while they are missing your terribly?
What better to be read at your funeral than something you wrote to everyone who was left behind still living.

I have vowed to keep an obituary on my desktop.
There problem solved. I'm a genius.

I have been staying up til 7AM lately and woke at 4PM this evening.
Now Samantha Jones is coming over with her new/old gal pal from days of yor and I am going to be a grouch.
I told her we would meet her up at Skanks, but I don't feel like it. I could go back to bed easily.
Crap, I guess I should make an effort to have a glass of wine and get in the mood. But I don't feel like it.
Sometimes friends are a pain in the ass.

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