Monday, March 31, 2008

Sickness In Someone You Love & Moving Off Ur Couch

My husband is sick tonight. I baked some chicken and he ate that and tatoes, we napped and then he woke up yakking out both ends. It's tough seeing a man who is usually very strong end up in a mushy helpless pile of man-goo.
That being said, I moved off my usual writing perch to give him the big couch so he could lay down. Whell... quite simply it sucks on this other couch. It's short and one cushion is flat on one end. You are kind in the way going into the kitchen, not that he's going to be hungry anytime soon (LOL) and the light shines in my eyes. There is no foot stool so I am using a bar chair, and the level just isn't right. One of my really long legs keeps going numb. Also my tummy keeps making noises, but I know I would have been sick already if I got it.
I am thinking he picked something up when taking back beer cans and rubbed his nose or forgot to wash his hands.
We are such fragile creatures inside, are we not?

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