Friday, March 28, 2008

Laundry and the Pursuit of Happiness?

There is something to be said for homeownership, even in this shitty market. I am now in a 900 sq ft apartment due to the burning inferno that ate our house. I think today what I am missing the most is having my own washer/dryer. Here we must load up our clothing and travel out into the hallway where other neighbors can view my soiled garments, hold your breathe while guessing where 24 steps are you cannot see while holding a laundry basket, and hope you don't wipe out to meet the concrete steps in the basement of this place.
Then to top it off, once you have arrived in the laundry dungeon from hell, there is a 50/50 chance that your trip was for nothing, as the two-count them-two--machines can be occupied. In which case one has to guesstimate the proper amount of time you give a neighbor to get their clothes from the washer to the dryer--should they forget--and you have to decide to remove them yourself. I have only done this once, but it was really uncomfortable removing someone's unmentionables from the washing machine because they had forgotten about the load and I needed to use it. This I believe puts one at great risk to get your clothing tampered with. Most of the people here are very nice, but there are teenagers.
I know when I was a teenager I did a lot of things that I thought were funny, or a good idea at the time, which now would embarrass me. Purple eyeshadow on my upper lids comes to mind.
Needless to say, our bedroom is littered with every possible piece of clothing we have. Laundry has not been in the forefront of our thoughts as of late.


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