Friday, March 28, 2008

MySpace, a place for police?

After reading this today, this "country boy" shot up a bunch of innocent bystanders.
On a MySpace page attributed to Woodson, he described his occupation as "mechanic, sorta" and wrote, "Im just a country boy who keeps gettin his heart broken!!! Ive got my heart broken twice in less then a year... i dunno wat to do.... keep gettin my heart broke or stop caring!!! and i dont wanna stop caring.", here, I have to wonder something.
You can find people on Myspace by searching via location. Would it not then be pertinent that police use this to their advantage and seeing this in this poor bastards blog, might have been able to cut this sucker off at Hamburger Pass?
Maybe they do use MySpace, but only to catch people, not to stop them in the first place.
Too bad.

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