Friday, March 28, 2008

Myspace, A Place For Whores?

I remember years ago a friend on the beach telling me about this new thing, MySpace. "You won't believe what you can do with your page!" he exclaimed over, and over to me. I had to wonder why he didn't have a page of his own, if he was so froggy about it, but whatever. Some people tend to come useful, if not loved, from the variety of information they simply hear and pass on. This guy was very good for that. Though it seriously taxes my "nice-girl" struggling to maintain composure, when people voice other people's opinions and experiences, rather than their own. However, with a little interpretation and the underlying knowledge that everything they are saying isn't first hand, but first ear, you come to appreciate them all-the-same. (((((bird97)))) -plus I think he worked things out with his wife-lol-
Anyhoo, I really got into it shortly after people started asking me for my Myspace, and I found myself saying...uhhhhh, a little too often for Personal Internet Trendiness, heretofore to be known as your PIT Factor, that I didn't have a Myspace yet.
After pimpin-out-ma-page, it got deleted.
I was kind of miffed I didn't even get a warning, but I do run another page for the beach island we hang out at in the summer, so I just took that one over. Wha hahahha, you can't stop me Myspace Marxists!
I also run a Yahoo Debate Group and have never had one problem being censored. Not even with all the crazy things we get into discussing, and regardless of how "spirited it gets".

It wasn't long before people came in swarms to add me, mainly because we shared a high school (gag, I don't even know any of them anymore and they never liked me (LOL) but because of the zip code I entered, or a shared interest.
But be careful who you add. Yay though I walk through the valley of whores, I fear nothing, for I can spot a tranny a mile away.
Yeap, I said it, and I stand by it. You must scrutinized your "new add pals" with extreme caution. Once you add one tranny, they come in swarms like those killer bees that should have been here five years ago from Mexico. Hey now, don't look at me like that! I am all for someone being different, but it would seem disturbingly so that these men/women/both, whore themselves out in the most literal sense.
Why would this matter? Because your 65 year old mother gets on the Internet and sees you have tranny-whores pimping themselves out on your page and leaving "I'll do anything for a dollar-no questions asked" comments on your main page.

Beware--Myspace is a place for whores.

Is there no irony in the fact that my beloved page I poured my blood-sweat-tears into, and grew my PIT with, got deleted, but tranny-whores rule the verse?


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