Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting Over Divorce

It depends on a few things. If they left you or if you left them. If something horrible happened, or if you just grew apart.
Myself I told him if something ever happened again, I was gone. it did and I was. There is a feeling of empowerment.
It sucks and being alone after 8 years is tough, but I know I had to stick to my guns and I am just too old and wise for that crap now.
Join a divorce group! There are a few good ones on Yahoo groups and talking to other men and women going through the same thing, and sometimes much, much worse really helps. I thank God I didn't have half the problems they had.
If you have kids or not can make a difference. Divorce can be very hard on kids but you look at them and realize you got the best of your spouse,
Remember you are not a failure,
You should be excited for your future and try to tell yourself that everyday.
Whoever said if you get right over it you didn't love your spouse. That is plain bullcrap. If you get right over it, you did the right thing, and you love YOURSELF!
You learn a lot about yourself going through a divorce.
You realize you aren't mourning the loss of your husband or wife, but the loss of the good parts of your marriage.
Getting rid of any and all photos he was in helped a LOT. Getting him off my myspace and deleting his friends and family from any of your groups, email lists, address books, etc, really helps you get by.
Do not snoop! Don't go to places they hang out online or in real life. Just take a deep breath and let it go, It's for the best. Stop monitoring who they talk to on the net and driving by their house, It is not healthy and will only hurt your feelings.
Get out of the house as often as possible. Try new things. Turn new leafs. Explore the person you could have been all those years but were bogged down in a bad relationship. Cut all unnecessary contact. Don't turn to alcohol and drugs, don't drink and dial or email, just stop all contact.
It makes a huge difference. Life is different now. Turn to your divorce support group. You will love it.
Most importantly--realize--divorce happens to many people. You are not the only one. This too shall pass. You will get over this one day. You have to focus on the positive and when you catch yourself looking back, ask God for help. Even if you aren't religious I promise you--God will help you out, either by showing you that it could have been so much worse, or that you can be much stronger than you may have thought.