Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Word Before You Get On The IPetition Bandwagon.

Epetitions have about as much chance of getting anything done as I have of waking up on the moon tomorrow.
They are a form of slacktivism and are a waste of time.
They may however succeed in getting your name and email and other information to spam spiders.
Think about it, if they did work we wouldn't be at war, puppies would all have homes, children wouldn't ever go to bed hungry, and gas would be 50 cents a gallon...
Just saying.
Amazon has many great and overpaid lawyers working for them who expected a lot of outcry about this, and who wouldn't have purchased BookSurge in the first place if they weren't perfectly within their rights to develop and use it as their sole source of POD on their site.
You might succeed in getting them more publicity than they could have ever hoped for...
It's certainly helping my stock...
So before you forward the plight that is the POD market try to think of where its coming from. Are you just pining for little vanity presses that may or may not be out for the author and worried about their own finances?
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